SSF Projects

All the projects supported by Small Steps Foundation target underprivileged children. The projects selected span different focus areas:

  1. Education of underprivileged children - This is the main focus area of Small Steps Foundation to provide the children with formal, non formal, alternative, bridge schools, remedial education to get them in mainstream schools.
    • Non Formal Education(NFE): NFE schools provides part-time education through flexible school timings and innovative teaching methods in an informal environment for school dropouts, or un-enrolled children mostly at the elementary level.
    • Alternative Education: 'Alternative Education' schools provide quality, holistic and progressive education to children from poor economic backgrounds. Most of these schools are engaged in creating and using innovative teaching methodologies that ensure that rote learning does not happen.
  2. Education and Development of the girl child - Girls lag in education worldwide but the gender gap is widest in India in levels of literacy, school enrollment, school dropouts, and opportunities for vocational training. In rural and backward areas of India, there is fear of educating girls that is related to prevalent practices of exploitation and violence against women. Girls'continuing education should be ensured by incentives, such as free books and clothes; time tables conducive to work; support systems; and work schemes.
  3. Rehabilitation of children in special circumstances - Street children, orphans and children in bonded labor would constitute this group. SSF would like to support projects that provide shelters, education and vocational training for alternate income generation for these children
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