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Project Monitoring

The Small Steps Foundation project monitoring team utilizes the site visit reports of volunteers or donors to gauge the consistency of the information and the progress of the project. The quarterly performance reports which are must to continue funding in combination with site visit reports can be used to evaluate the progress of the project.

SSF's project monitoring mechanism includes the following components:

  • Project visits by volunteers or donors.
  • Quaterly Project reports - financial and non-financial.

Projects need to stay successful and prove their necessity for funds every year. The following will be used as guidelines in choosing a project for continued support.

Before providing the finances for an organization for a specific term, SSF will establish project specific metrics that will be used to measure the impact created by the organization on its target community. Following are some general guidelines in establishing a benchmark.

  1. A justifiable increase in the number of children impacted by the project.
  2. A justifiable increase in the infrastructure for the project.
  3. A justifiable increase in awareness in the surrounding areas of the project.
  4. Justifiable and wise spending.